Violin & Viola - Bling4Strings Shop

Sparkly Crystal mutes for violin and viola in a huge range of colours and designs. Lots of options available to buy direct or custom options for your own designs if you can't see what you are after.  Just about anything is possible!

All designs are available on standard Tourte style mutes, Bech magnetic mutes and Alpine Mute Co Menuhin Professional Mutes in 4/4 full size (for full size violins and violas).  Most designs are also available on a smaller size standard tourte mute suitable for 1/2 and 3/4 violins.  Just select from the drop down list. 


We are often asked about the difference between our standard tourte mutes and the Bech magnetic mutes.  Both are high quality rubber mutes and look very similar when on the instrument. The Bech mutes are a slightly different shape and have a magnetic insert together with a magnetic clip on the tailpiece so that when not in use the mute stays firmly in place eliminating any risk of vibration or rattle.  Most of our customers order standard mutes, but the Bech mutes are sometimes preferred by professional musicians especially those who use them regularly for recording sessions.

A new addition to our range is the Menuhin Professional Mute by the Alpine Mute Co. These are shield shaped with a brass insert for maximum warmth of tone and muting performance.